Plumber Chicago & Water Heater Repair Chicago

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Plumber Chicago & Water Heater Repair Chicago

Top signs alerting you to needing water heater repair

We want to share some recommendations to follow in case you are experiencing any water heater problem. There is a wide range of water heaters on the market which is why we recommend working with a professional plumbing company that knows how to handle different types of models. Water heaters can usually work perfectly for 10 years or more, but you can easily improve their life span by giving it once-a-year maintenance.  This will maintain your water heater efficiency and safety and will also save you from the uncomfortable situation of experiencing a water heater problem while taking a bath. To make your life at home easy, here is a list of different signs or symptoms your water heater is sending you to call a professional for a repair.


You need a water heater repair if you experience the following:


Metallic odor or Rust deposits

If you notice any metallic odor or rust deposits coming out of your hot water this is an obvious sign that there’s either a problem of rusty pipes or rust inside the water heater. This can also start the corrosion process in your equipment causing water leaks. 

Low Pressure

Usually, water has a lot of different mineral deposits that can get stuck on your water heater causing a build-up that can lead to block pipes. This is the reason why out of the blue, you will notice changes in your water pressure. Also if your distribution lines are badly executed, you will be experiencing this problem. Our experts can offer to flush and fill your water heater once a year, to prevent sediment buildup

Lukewarm or insufficient hot water

If your heater is failing, it will produce lukewarm water or insufficient amounts of hot water.

That failure will either produce lukewarm water or insufficient amounts of hot water.


Popping, Screeching, or Crackling sounds

It’s normal to hear a sound if your equipment is working. But if you notice pooping, screeching, or cracking sounds,  take it as a sign that your water heater needs repair. It may be a water flow restriction, possible condensation, or water dripping on the burner

We know it’s very hard to keep track of all of the equipment maintenance at home, that’s why as a specialist in this topic, we know our company’s skilled team is the right answer for any of your plumbing or water heater repair Chicago services. 

Our experts are ready to help you with any of your questions.

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