Commercial Sealcoating Lakemoor | GPS Commercial Sealcoating

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Commercial Sealcoating Lakemoor | GPS Commercial Sealcoating

Why Parking Lot and Driveway Sealcoating in Chicago is Beneficial

Sealcoating is the most critical element of any pavement company’s plan. When properly applied, seal coating offers an asphalt driveway protection against gasoline, oil, salt, water, and UV rays.

Sealcoating Beautifies:

Your pavement will look new, projecting a positive, professional image for your business or your investment property.

Slow Oxidation and Water Penetration with Sealcoating in Chicago:

Make your asphalt driveway in Chicago last longer, as seal coating fills surface voids to reduce exposure to oxygen, water penetration, and UV rays.

Sealcoating Resists Oil & Gas Spills:

Gasoline and oil are corrosive, so they can break down an asphalt driveway. But driveway seal coating offers protection against this corrosion.

Simple to Clean and Maintain:

Sealcoating leaves a smooth, even-textured finish, so surface maintenance becomes much easier.

Increased Pavement Flexibility:

When a paving company in Chicago applies seal coating, the black coat on the pavement draws more light and heat from the sun. This makes the asphalt more pliable to resist cracking as a result of heavy traffic.

Sealcoating is Cost-Effective:

The price to repave new asphalt is always affected by the price of crude oil, which can fluctuate out of your comfort zone. However, paving companies in Chicago offer seal coating at a much more affordable rate than an asphalt overlay. Extend the life of your asphalt driveway for pennies per square foot with seal coating from GPS Commercial Sealcoating Lakemoor.


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